We are passionate about supporting local food & beverage producers and promoting culinary tourism across Vancouver Island.

By promoting and coordinating culinary experiences, we make it easy for visitors to enjoy all that the area has to offer in local artisan food & beverage products.

If you are planning a trip to the island, for example, not only can you find locally roasted coffee and freshly made yogurt or cheese, but you can find all the ingredients for an amazing seafood chowder, incredible fresh fruit and produce, raw oysters ready to be shucked, and wine, craft beer or locally produced gin to pair with them.

What we really love, is taking it to the next level, and arranging for you to find the seafood yourself, tour the winery or distillery that produced your spirits, take a helicopter tour or drive around the area to meet artisan producers, and then arrange for a private chef to prepare your feast!

Professional chefs, home cooking enthusiasts, and foodies in general are growing the world of culinary tourism, exploring local food and beverage options as the focal point of their vacations.  Our objective is to make it easy for them to enjoy all we have to offer.

Dawn & Les Postnikoff, founders of Westcoast Gourmet, are avid culinary tourists who love exploring Vancouver Island and the bounty of products and experiences that are available. We would love to hear from you – please send a note to dawn@westcoast-gourmet.com.

Dawn and Les Postnikoff

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This Month's Featured Sponsors

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