Several times over the past few weeks it has occurred to me how much I miss my writing practice.  I know that even for those who make their livelihood from writing, it’s often difficult to actually sit down with pen to paper, but I have been negligent for a good 6 months or so now.  Focused on “productive work”, busy creating new businesses, helping teenagers get ready for University, and spending quality time with family and friends – so many things to fit into my day.  6 months goes by in the blink of an eye without a single written word to show for it.  Not that I haven’t had great ideas – sticky notes and emails to myself abound, all to keep track of thoughts, angles, and perspectives to flush out at a later date.

So this morning I decided to go for a bike ride and get inspired.  How can you NOT be inspired when you simply walk out your front door on Vancouver Island?  Seriously.  On a relatively short excursion, I decided what colour I would like to paint my house, made some mental notes about my latest business venture, picked 4 pounds of blackberries on the side of the road (with containers in my backpack), another 3 pounds of blueberries at the Blue Haven U-Pick Farm in Comox, saw 2 eagles, 5 deer, and stopped twice to email myself ideas for future articles!

Now THAT makes for a great bike ride.  And some great dessert options!

BlackberriesTo digress a bit, some people have commented that they don’t really enjoy blackberries – because of the seeds I am assuming.  Which is totally fine with me because it means more for moi!  Now you have to understand that a freshly picked blackberry, warmed by the sun and picked when it is a deep, dark shade of midnight blue – just before it is ready to fall from the bush on its own. THAT blackberry is a totally different fruit from one you might find at the grocery store, little too perfect and tasting a little too……consistent. The trick with blackberries is to keep them away from your teeth – simply hold them in your mouth and press gently between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, letting the juice roll off the back of your tongue and down your throat before the rest of the berry follows. Sublime.

Back to my writing. As with anything, the trick is to just take the first step, and don’t over complicate things. Sit down to write a sentence, capture a few thoughts, and share a few ideas.  Next thing you know, you have 500 words written and new ideas to build on.  And if you are lucky, berries to munch on while you work.