Quite simply, food messes with our minds.

I started writing this blog, thinking about how food at its most basic is a requirement for survival, and beyond that, a source of energy for our bodies and our minds.  Protein, carbohydrates, and fats – all just building blocks that work together to help us function at an optimum performance level. Easy!

But this brought me back to the experience of food, the how and where and why that turns it into an emotional relationship, and my mind started racing re: how I should approach the topic.  And that is when I decided to let someone else do the work!

As we know, there is nothing new under the sun, and Michael Fenster, M.D., is an author, cardiologist and professional chef (go figure!) on the faculty at the University of Montana. He has a great blog titled “You Are What You Eat“, and this post, “Getting Back to the Source“, is well worth sharing. Enjoy!